High Performance Endless Pool

➡️ Does your swim Technique need improving?➡️ Are you Anxious about swimming?➡️ Would you like to see what your stroke looks like underwater?

HIGH Performance Endless pool swim technique video analysis & Stroke correction

Unable to get to the Endless Pool ???? Do not worry. Send a short video of you swimming, above water and ideally below water. An analysis of the swim stroke can then be conducted via a video call. 

For further information Contact:

Ed at inbalance coaching +44 (0) 7970015186 or edward@inbalancecoaching.co.uk 

A High Performance Endless Pool is a wonderful way to gain fitness and confidence. With no turning or sharing busy lanes, you are able to gauge your open water fitness, whether it is before, during or after the triathlon season.  

In May 2024 I attended the Swim Smooth Coach Accreditation Week in Mallorca with Paul Newsome to become the next cohort of Swim Smooth Coaches worldwide.

The coaching experience is further enhanced while swimming in the Endless Pool with the use of cameras to identify faults above and below the water, with immediate video feedback.  Bone conducting technology, using the Sonr Pro, allows communication between the coach and swimmer while in the pool, without having to stop – start, allowing the session to run smoothly.

The Endless Pool at Bearwood has two mirrors; a large floor mirror which allows full underwater visuals, and a front mirror, giving the front of stroke visual ⬇️. 

For swimmers who want to complete a particular session, Endless Pools Fit@Home app allows for workouts to be structured on smartphones and tablets. Once the workout has been loaded, the Endless Pool will automatically change pace as to the session plan. This video explains in more detail: Video

The High Performance Endless Pool has a maximum pace of 1.02/100m, so will accommodate even the fastest of swimmers. Have a look at the short video of how the Endless Pool works: Video

The following videos show the Endless Pool in operation:  Junior Triathlete , however the pool is ideal to swim other strokes too: Individual Medley

Endless Pool Swim Technique Video Analysis & Stroke Correction Packages ⬇️

➡️ TRI SWIM ANALYSIS (90 mins)   £85.00

This includes a video stroke analysis, immediate feedback on faults identified and the use of corrective drills to improve technique.


60 mins  – £45.00         40 mins – £35.00              30 mins – £25.00

Session Bundles (To be used within 6 months) –  6 sessions – 10% off

[Example: 6 x 60 mins – £45.00 x 6 = £270 – 10% = £243.00]

[Example: 6 x 40 mins – £35.00 x 6 = £210 – 10% = £189.00]

[Example: 6 x 30 mins – £25.00 x 6 = £150 – 10% = £135.00]

This includes the coach being present throughout the session providing visual feedback on stroke technique, with the Endless Pools Fit@Home app providing the necessary training session.

This session is beneficial to swimmers that have already completed a swim analysis.

➡️ TRI SWIM PACKAGE  £180.00

1st Session (90mins) – SWIM ANALYSIS

2nd Session (1hr) – CORRECTION DRILLS

3rd Session (90mins) – FOLLOW UP ANALYSIS

To get the greatest benefit from this package, it is advised that the three sessions are completed within 6 months.


We have a changing facility in the pool house complete with shower and toilet, plus a small kitchen where a selection of teas and coffees are available. 

For more information and availability please call Ed on 07970 015186 or email edward@inbalancecoaching.co.uk