About Me

Hello, I am Ed Collins, a British Triathlon (BTF) Level 3 coach, a graduate of BTF’s High Performance Coach Programme and a  MSc in Sports Coaching. In June 2022 I also attended a 5 day Swim Smooth coach clinic in Mallorca, the pathway to becoming an accredited coach.

Swim Analysis (including drone footage) by Paul Newsome, Swim Smooth (Mallorca, 2022).
Swim Analysis (including drone footage) by Paul Newsome, Swim Smooth (Mallorca, 2022).

I have spent close to 30yrs coaching individuals and groups, both adults and children in various disciplines, and since 2012 in Triathlon. As a past head coach (10yrs) of a junior club I have helped young people achieve their full potential up to Academy level and adults from sprint to long distance triathlon.

I entered in my first triathlon in 2010, and have regularly competed since then, from sprint to long distance, so I’ve a  good knowledge what it takes to get you to the start line whichever distance you are aiming for. Recently I have used long distance mountain trail runs and distance open water swims to make training fun, a major factor when developing training programs for coached athletes.

Like all athletes I have had my fair share of injuries and have the experience that is required for the recovery phase and more importantly the mental process of getting through these low times. I work closely with a sports massage therapist and physiotherapist, who I call upon if I need any professional advise.

I specialise in helping people taking their first steps in triathlon, giving them confidence to compete in a race that would have been ‘off the scale’ in their thoughts a couple of years previously. Many people are surprised at what they can achieve  with the right person guiding them. Athletes that started their triathlon journey, signing me up to help them complete their first triathlon are now members of the GB Age Group team competing at the European and World championships.

Notable recent achievements:

➡️ 2023 Age Group European Standard Distance Duathlon Champion

➡️ 2022 Extreme Triathlon Patagonman Finisher

➡️ 2022 British Age Group Standard Distance Triathlon Champion

➡️ 2022 Age Group European Standard Distance Triathlon Champion

➡️ 2021 Age Group European Standard Distance Triathlon Champion

For a small squad, the Inbalance athletes punch well above their weight, amongst the many other bigger squads out there.

I am extremely lucky to have athletes that have been with me for a number of years, so we’ve built a solid relationship of trust and respect. All I ask is that your commitment and enthusiasm matches mine and I’ll guide you through the ups and inevitable downs, of what is endurance sport!

Swim Smooth coach clinic, Mallorca 2022
Swim Smooth coach clinic, Mallorca 2022

My coaching clientele are varied which makes my job so interesting and rewarding. Here are a few examples from the last couple of years:

  • Ironman / Middle Distance / Standard Distance / Sprint Distance Triathlon
  • Extreme triathlon
  • Junior tristars / Junior elite Triathlon
  • Cycling tandem to Lands End to John O’Groats
  • Virgin London Marathon
  • Mountain ultra marathon
  • 10km endurance swim

The experience I have built up over the years of coaching and my passion for helping people has enabled me to transfer my knowledge onto my athletes, which has enabled them achieve their goals from completing their first triathlon to gaining Age Group Selection.

I believe the coach – athlete relationship is essential in achieving results and regular communication and feedback from both sides is vital. I am very focused on making sure my athletes achieve their goals but that they also enjoy the journey getting there. Many of my athletes stay with me for a number of years, which allows for the formation of a solid relationship of trust and respect.

To find out athletes’ experiences of structured coaching and mentorship with InBalance Coaching, look at the reviews on the Testimonial page.

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