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Welcome to InBalance Coaching and myself, Ed Collins, a British Triathlon (BTF) Level 3 Coach from Herefordshire.  With 20+ years experience coaching adults and juniors in various disciplines, and since 2012 concentrating on triathlon and swim, bike and run endurance events, my passion for helping others and quest to acquire new knowledge is as strong as ever. Alongside my coaching business I am a past head coach of a junior triathlon club (8yrs),  which has given me  the opportunity to coach with the Welsh Development Academy, British Triathlon Federation (BTF) Skills School and BTF GoTri initiative. I’ve been a race director of a West Midland Series Junior Triathlon, so I consider myself having a good knowledge in all areas of triathlon.

I strive to offer my athletes the highest level of coaching expertise and I’m continually increasing and updating my knowledge base. In 2021 I completed a postgraduate degree (MSc) in Sports Coaching, which allowed me to research in-depth coaching pedagogy and in 2022 attended a 5 day Swim Smooth coach clinic with Paul Newsome, evaluating the different swim styles and how to correct faults through video analysis.  Please look at my ‘blog‘ page where I post the occasional essay that I hope are informative and thought provoking!

InBalance is located on the Welsh borders and offers triathlon coaching to triathletes in Powys, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire and throughout the UK. We specialise in bespoke training plans, created for the individual (not generic plans), with weekly communication so the plan can be ‘tweaked’ to take into account work and family commitments. InBalance also offers online coaching worldwide using Training Peaks to formulate individualised training plans and Zoom video calls to regularly communicate with the athlete. Whenever it is possible and practical, InBalance will come and support athletes at their ‘A’ races.

I’m a believer that everything needs to be in balance when training for an endurance event. You need to get your work, family and training ratios right for you to achieve optimum performance. If any of these are not balanced, anxiety, guilt and stress creeps in; your training goes backwards and you overtrain to compensate; you pick up injuries due to overtraining; you feel helpless and despair sets in as your event is creeping closer and you are not 100% prepared for it. If this has happened to you, you are not the first person nor will be the last to experience such feelings, however, having an experienced coach to guide you with your training,  will prevent these series of events from happening.

Consistency in your training is so important when preparing for a triathlon or an endurance event. At InBalance Coaching we take the initial consultation seriously to find out the amount of time you have available to train for a race and then prepare an individual training plan to meet your specific requirements. We aim for you to reach your goals, whether it is a podium finish or to just complete but we’ll ensure your training is  varied and enjoyable,  using the “tried and tested” but also the latest research to gain improvement.

I am a Level 1 Accredited Training Peaks coach and all InBalance athletes are enroled on to the Training Peaks software and for people hungry for data, performance metrics can be provided to assist you with your training.

Please contact InBalance Coaching if you would like to talk about a challenge you are thinking of doing or would like help with training for a competition you have entered.

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